For some reason i'm very interested in Venice lately... So, sage, on our post graduation trip, we should visit venice. Actually, we should go all over europe..! But I guess new york will be enough for a little while! Im reading around the world in 80 days, by jules verne. Which is making my obbsesion with traveling even worse! But, i am starting to save for traveling now, so that I can start as soon as I graduate High school! Not sure where to go first... greece, england, italy, france, russia, or australia or africa or turkey or just staying in the states(new york city)... i would appreciate your opinions on this, please!


Early christmas...

My family and me used my dads bonus check from work to buy our family christmas present. We had a few agruements over it, but in the end decided to get guitar hero 5. We were contemplating getting rock band, but Walmart and target only had it for ps2. Which we have, but I HATE! my dad is the only one who EVER plays it anyway.... So, anyway, we have playing all day and guess what......... ONLY 6 DAYS AND LIKE 7 HOURS till christmas!!

I am so excited for xmas. (obviously...) . mainly because I have been getting packages and stuff people ordered online for me for christmas, but im not allowed to open them until the xmas morning.

We also got our tree, just a few hours ago in fact. I named it javier. But as it turns out Javier is from oregon. Not mexico.... i may have to re-name him. Hes short-ish and really fat! hes really dark green and we are decorating him in seahawks colors, and we bought some seahawks ornaments and tinzel stuff, and candy canes. All with the seahawks colors and mascot! So if you have any good names for my tree, who was formly known as Javier, please tell me!

i'll add pics of the tree when we finish decorating.

love, taylor napiontek


All day i've been listening to owl city. My FAVORITE song by him (adam young) is Hello, seattle. Its all about seattle, you should definitly listen to it! it makes me miss seattle EVEN MORE! Even though I only lived in federal way, and we only lived there for a little while. But, close enough to seattle! here is a link that should take you to the song....


xoxoxo, taylor napiontek

the song is also on my playlist ---------> just scroll down the list



I found my piano! if you didn't already know, I have played piano since i was 4 0r 5 ( so, 9 or 10 years) and I only have a little keyboard!( and beethoven is REALLY hard to play with 36 keys...) Anyway, this is the piano I want:
its a steinway & son, a baby grand (obviously). I love Love LOVE it! Eventhough it is probably 20,000 dollars or more, i still want to get it!
( maybe next time i will put a video of me playing fur elise, or clair de lune!)


missing the deviled eggs

I forgot to say we didn't have deviled eggs(which i love) on turkey day. and that I went and saw the new moon movie on the first day, the 20th, (my friend dragged me, I HATE twilight)!

taylor napiontek

hope your thanksgiving was good!

Well, my thanksgiving was wonderful! ish. We had the turkey, and ham, and everything I mentioned before. And we have like 3 billion pounds of left overs! yeah! 3 BILLION! im not even exaggerating..

I died my hair, It snowed about 5 inches (making a grand total of like 8 and a half inches). My dog got a new toy, she lost it in the snow. I went black friday shopping with my mom, and found out I am averaging a 93.8% in school.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.

xoxo, taylor napiontek



tomarrow is thanksgiving (obviously) and My mom is cooking a small little turkey, i have to make a pie, my dad got his nasty fruit pie made already and we have the stuffing, and potatoes and all that jazz. I would prefere chinese or indian (my fav.) takeout, and then watch a terrible movie that has absolutely nothing to do with thanksgiving! Or maybe get the takeout and just empty it all onto a huge plate in the middle of a picnic blanket and eat outside in the snow, in the middle of the night. Both options will do!

I bought new hair dye today. Its dark-medium blonde. I am dying it this weekend!

well, thats all.

• Happy thanksgiving, •



catching up with friends

I talked to my Best friend sage today on skype (for the first time in like 10 months) and now I REALLY want to come down to WA and see every one! I miss u all! and i miss the rain, and i miss the green (right now its white here). And i miss my school, and shelton, and port angeles, and SEATTLE!! Anchorage is ok, but Seattle is SOOO much better! And i have like 1 friend here, and i had about a billion in WA. And now im all sad...

i want to figure out a way where i can stay with someone in WA for like a year, and go to school with my friends, and see everyone.

well thats all.




killer dog....

My dog is a toy murderer! We got Gabi (my dog) a new toy yesterday. Its a stuffed toy that is not stuffed... so its just the skin. which is good because she usually just rips it open to get the fluff and the squeeker. So, anyway, this toy also has 2 squeekers in it(1 in the head and 1 in the tail). So the frist thing she did when we got it was rip open the head and eat the squeeker (well, i actually got it from her before she ate it...).Now she is going after the last squeeker... CRAZY DOG! we still havn't found a toy that can survive the wrath of gabi...
well, thats all!
xoxo, taylor


More snow

MORE SNOW!!! It snowed AGAIN today. im not sure how much, but i know it is more than 4 inches. Its no different (so theres no point in putting up pictures). I fell 5 times already, and im playing christmas songs on my piano already (mainly carol of the bells..). I watched the hannah montana movie yesterday.............

and i think i will stop there...




SNOW!!!!!! yay! finnally! white! Windy! Slippery! Icey! COLD! ok, well, if your confused now, i'll make it simpler! It snowed last night!!!! about 3-4 inches. and it isn't actually that cold! (suprisingly) sorry if all the exclamation points are hurting your head or something, but i'm sooo excited! it is my first-first alaska snow and it was perfect! it started out as a rain/snow mix, then it went to a sort of washington type snow (you know, big, wet, snowflakes and the minute it hit the car or ground it would melt) and then it powdered. Just the perfect amount! Here is a pic: (sorry, its from the webcam, my cameras still broken...) in the first one it is actually snowing. but in the second one you can se-
e how much snow there is. ( its all the way up to the porch, if you can see it) xoxoxo, taylor♥


im back!

Sorry its been awhile since i posted anything. Nothing much has happened, but I did find out that I have a C in algebra (which is my high school class):( And i can't fix it! Well, I guess as long as im passing!?

Now happy news! Ok, first..... hmmmm....well, never mind! no happy news! its all sad news. First, it hasn't snowed yet, So its just been cold and miserable and we have nothing to show for it! Then, (a few days ago) i had my speech tournament (i forgot to post it, srry) and i got a total score of... drum roll.... 16 out of 30!And I HAVE to go to the next tournament which is memorizing a monologue, basically. So if you have any good monologues tell me, please! And to top it all off i just ate the last popsicle! ugh!

**by the way, jamie, sage wants you to follow her blog! adventuresofboo.blogspot.com

xoxox, taylor



I'm not sure what to write about, but I guess ill just start to type... so here we go, My friend kayla just got back from Hawaii, and I still don't know what i'll be for haloween, and i figured out there is only 59 days till Christmas. And I decided that i loved O. Henry. I have always loved his writing, but for some reason, all of the sudden, his sense of irony in his short stories is just so brilliant to me! Today I read the gift of the magi (for the billionth time!), but i really like the green door, or that one about the rich boy who got kidnaped, and then the kidnappers asked for a ransom, but in the end they ended up paying the parents ransom to take thier son back. Im not sure what that one is called though..... wow, thats gonna bother me all week !

So, my "just type theory" worked out very well!

♥'s taylor ☺


Great book

I was looking for Charlotte Bronte's book Jane Eyre at my schools library, but apparently its a very popular book... So i settled for Emily Bronte's book Wuthering Heights, which turned out to be a good thing! I suggest you read it. I have only had it for about 8 hours, but i have it half finished, its hard to put down!

oh, by the way.... ITS SUPPOSE TO SNOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

it will be my first-first alaska snow, because I came here in the middle of February, so it had already started snowing, and stopped!

Well, thats all I wanted to say.

♥'s , taylor!


nothing new, like always

hello everyone! I have been sort of getting ready for halloween, i'm not going trick-or-treating though. I'm just passing out candy at my friends house, but we still have to dress up and everything, and thats the part i haven't figured out yet....

So, if you have any cool costume ideas or anything that would help, please tell me!
you can just comment them, or email them to me at tnapiontek@gmail.com.

My Aunt offered to give me her wand, wings and halo, but i want to be different, and an angel isn't to original!

's ~ taylor

* thank you for the ideas! i love LOVE love them! they're all great! I guess i'll just have to be a mixture of all of them, you know... A person with a beehive hair do, ray bans, spiky lady gaga dress and a pair of boxer shorts showing! i love it!


my house... The REAL one!

<------- my puppy (Gabi)..... ♥

This is for you, sage!
Our house isn't anything special, but here are some pics.. and i thought they should include me, consider me the tour guide. Ok, well, first you see the filthy kitchen (filthy because i attempted to make a cake for my mom's birthday {happy birthday mommy}!), And athen you see the living room (filthy! which is strange because i'm usually so OCD its scary!) and finnaly the 2nd bathroom behind me. and yes, in the living room photo dad is playing on the wii... (these are all Webcam photos, so thats why they are all from one basic location and also why you can't see upstairs. But upstairs is just 2 bedrooms, and the big bathroom.


My house

Ok, not my house, but it is exactly the kind of house i want to live in. It is in new york city(Greenwich village){where i want to live} and it is a brownstone, and it has brick walls, and its just AMAZIN'!!!!!!! It is 3500 dollars a month, but thats nothing for a famous actress...



Yesterday I was home sick from school, and today it was a miracle I made it through school! I don't think i have swine flu (because i am not barfing) but i have been coughing, and sneezing and i have NO energy, but, with the help of "cold-ezz" I should be better soon! So, here I am, writing this blog, getting my nasty sick germs all over the keyboard, and (if it was possible) spreading it to you via computer.

*cough, cough*

's, taylor


where the wild things are

I watched where the wild things are today... the CUTEST movie ever!!!!!!!!! I loved LOVED LOVED it, it was not really a kids movie though, there was a little cusing, but thats not really a big deal! when i got home i went on to WB website and looked at some merchandise, and i found a really cute shirt im buying, and maybe a sweatshirt. And Ugg has limited addition boots that i REALLY like, and hopefully might get. And at Urban outfitters there is all kinds of merchandise, but there is no urban outfitters here. :( Anyway, i highly, highly, recommend that you go and watch it!

♥'s taylor


test week...

Today was the end of quarter 1, so we had "finals"... We had about 5 tests... in Science!!! about 10 more in each class, and i have 6 1/2 classes. (the half class is my forum). But today (friday) my russian class made Blini, which is a russian crape.. or pancake? i'm not sure, but either way it was REALLY good! Not much else is new, nothing is ever new! I am really sad.. there is no Urban outfitters here.. :(

I found about a bizilion new great singers! some of which are Cat Power, and Kate nash... and many more!

I am in speech and debate, so i have to write an Expositiry speech about something, and i picked the health care reform... I really don't know much about it, so i thought maybe i should learn. I will post a copy of it on my blog and then you should comment on it, i don't mind critisim!

The speech tournament is on Nov. 4th, so it will be posted between now and then.

thats all, ♥'s taylor


great week

First I found an AMAZING new singer, Micheal Franti & Spearhead. I LOVEVEEVVEV the song "say hey(I love you)". And I made an amazing clay person for russian class, which is cool, because i usually suck at art stuff. And I started watching an amazing tv show, gossip girl. And, at this very moment, I am sitting at my computer, eating an m&m cookie, pringles and parmesian(?) cheese-nips. Great day! even though i did have science today :(.... I am entered in a contest (a writing one) via my English teacher, the prize is 200 dollars and the national prize is 10000 dollars and a trip to WA DC... cross your fingers!!

♥'s, taylor


nothing new :(

Nothing is new but its been awhile since I blogged... I decided i reaaalllllly want a horse, and i painted my nails (purple and blue) and netflix is messed up so i can't watch the next season of the office.... :( I got a letter from the people to people student ambassador program (I get one every year) and I think I might go, but i need MAJOR funding. It cost around seven thousand dollars, and it goes to England, then Wales, then Scotland and then to Ireland over like 13 days. We would take tours of places and learn boring things im sure but it might look good on my High school transcript! I decided that i will be one of the 400 people a year to get early admission to the tisch school of the arts, and I am IN LOVE ♥ with english bulldogs and great danes, i think i might have both someday, which could you see me with? wow, i just realized i wrote all of that in only 4 sentences, my english teacher would be so proud!..
thanx for reading!
's, taylor


forgot to say...

I dyed my hair! kind of a red ish color its really called "ginger spice" (dark auburn)... but its pretty red. Not like CLOWN red or anything. i think it looks nice! you probably can't see it in the picture though...

so i guess its just a random picture...

very busy weekend...

Very busy weekend... I will be sitting in front of the computer watching the office on netflix and eating cheese pringles, never mind, i just ate the last one... so i guess i will be eating popsicles instead. Then I will probably watch gilmore girls(even though i've seen every one of them) and then finishing of the box of popsicles! Well, since i have so much to do, i better get started.

Have a good weekend ( not like you could have a better one than me.....)



I started school 2 weeks ago, but just decided i would blog about it now. so, i don't have p.e. im taking russian, and 2 high school classes. So that when i get to high school i will have a credit of english and a credit of Algebra. YAY! that means just 2 more math credits, and 1 more english credit and something like poetry or drama. I can say a few things in russian, but i'm not about to start a conversation in russian or anything! So thats all... boring boring boring! But I am getting a guinea pig this weekend!



I found another site, but this one is better! It's called zooloo. you can make a page, add photos, write a blog, customize it. It's really cool!

mine is www.taylornapiontek.zooloo.com


I found this really cool website..

I found a website where you have this daisy and you play certain games to be able to water it and give it sun and stuff. It's a site for marc Jacobs new perfume line called "DAISY by marc jacobs". You can unlock screen savers and samples and stuff by growing your daisy a certain precentage! It's fun, you should all check it out! ( i'll add it to my links list at the bottom of my page!



My puppy...

Ok... so it's no my puppy, but it will be someday! She is a Bichon poo ( Bichon Frise {spelt wrong} and poodle hybrid). She is a few months old! And she is ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
tell me your not "awww"-ing right now....



I thought when I left washington I also left the rain. But apparently not! In seward (a city just west of where i live) there is CRAZY flooding. It has been raining for like 2 weeks now. All over the news is stuff about railroads closed because of mud slides, and flood warnings, and more rainy weather in our future. But it's kind of weird because when my dad came up to alaska just before we moved to look for a house and stuff ( in the winter) he brought down the snow to washington. and now that we are up here, we brought the washington rain!



I really want to go to NYU for college (the tisch school of the arts) so i was doing some research, and the average gpa of freshmans is 3.68. which is suprising! and only about 5% of all applicants make it to the tisch school of arts... which is not good odds at all, but I think I can do it.

I love just being able to write whatever, even if some of you don't care about what i'm writing (like college, and harry potter[which was pretty terrible]),

so if you do read it, thanks.
( the picture is of the tisch school of the arts.)


Harry potter

It's been a tradition since the harry potter movie started that we always go see them. This one just happened to come out on my birthday! so we went and saw, and it wasn't so good..... I would have had more fun and enjoyed myself more if i watched the ice age one.... but tradition is tradition! And I was looking up the next harry potter movie[s] and found out that the actors, the main ones, made 10 million dollars from all of the movies each! and they are like 15 or 16 years old, what a good life!


happy late birthday to me!!!!!!!

The 15th was my 13th birthday, and i just thought I would tell everyone... i guess. sooooooooooooo..............................
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


I have NOTHING to blog about. I have NOTHING to blog about. I have NOTHING to blog about. I have Nothing to blog about......

I got like 160 dollars for my birthday and I wanted to ask people what I should do with it...


choice A) Clothes
Choice B) new camera... to finnaly post pictures
choice C) save.......
choice D) Movies, I ♥ movies!!!!! so i could add to my collection!

comment PRETTTY - PRETTTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



an oxymoron

When you think summer, you think warm. But, when you think summer in Alaska, you think... not warm. But suprisingly it is warm, really warm. Like 80 degrees plus! That's the oxymoron I was talking about, 'warm in Alaska'! It's Crazy...



Dream car...

I saw a BEAUTIFUL car at some car place and I have to show you all a picture... tell me what you think ( if i'm going crazy or if it really is perfect)! It's a '74 Fiat Spider, I saw it in a burnt orangey color, but this color is good to!
the blue one and red one next to it are both my dream car... and whats crazy is that at the car place, it was $6,500, which i think is a great price for a dream car!
comment pleeze!!!!!


24 hour daylight!

DON'T EVER EXCPECT TO SLEEP IN ALASKA IN JUNE!!!! In june ( starting around the 21st) there is 21-24 hours of SUNLIGHT! that means 3-0 hours of night, that means 3-0 hours of sleep... It's crazy!!!!!!! Yesterday I took my dog ,Gabi, outside and it was so bright I thought it was like 5 or 6... but it was actually 1 in the morning! I don't think i can take it much longer! I might just have to move back down to Washington... (I wish)

~taylor napiontek
I thought i'd add a cute picture of a moose... that's one of the good things about Alaska!


A tribute to the lives of Farrah and Micheal

Today Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died, but you probably knew that, about micheal anyway. Millions of Michael jackson fans where sitting out side of the UCLA hostpital where Michael Jackson was taken when he called for help and was found not breathing. when he died, times square lit up with pictures of michael jackson, and the anouncment that he had died. He was due to start his 50 concert tour in London on July 13, it was to be his final tour. The 'King of pop' died at the age of 50.

Farrah Fawcett died of cancer which she had been battling for a few years, and was showing signs of improvment, but didn't pull through. The ex-charlies angel died at the age of 62 years old.


My dog...

This Is My Dog Gabi. But her full name is Princess Gabriella Niccole Jean Napiontek. She's blue heeler/husky mix, we think anyway! We got her from the pound and the papers on her cage where wrong, so really we don't know what she is, or who she is! Currently she is shedding LIKE CRAZY!!!!! I guess it's because her fur got so thick in the winter, which is what the picture on the right is. I'm looking forward to winter, i'm so tired of dog hair all over the place!


Alaskan people...

sage, this is for you....

The people here are not different from People in shelton, except a little more 'hill-billy' type. Really into camping rather than shopping. Big hunters and fishers. The people aren't much to talk about. The Native Americans (or 'eskimos') do alot of really cool stuff, like NYO (native youth olympics). They are games that youth do that where made to train for hunting and fishing.
People here really don't make a big deal about snow, and normally there isn't any snow day's from school. Maybe it's because people are adapted to the snow and now how to re-act, and act, around the snow.

I guess if you really want to know about the people, then you should come up and see them for yourself. You'll see, they are the same.

(and no, sage, people don't say 'eh'. I'm past Canada. Not in it!)




The mosquito's here are CRAZY! They're the size of those mosquito-eater things, you know, the ones that eat mosquito's, that are suppose to be way bigger than mosquitos. In the first blog I wrote " Come to Alaska to visit". Well, I take it back! At least in the summer, or bring at least 20 gallons of mosquito repellent, for each day! Everything else is great about Alaska in the summer. The nature, for instance, and the great fishing and camping spots (if you like that kind of stuff.). There is moose, and baby moose, for those of you who like to observe nature at it's best! And BEAUTIFUL plants and trees, perfect for photography, if you like that kind of stuff. So as you can see there is something for everyone here in the last frontier! Except the mosquitos!

Count your blessing if you don't live in Alaska at the moment,

i'll have pictures up soon...


begining of my life (in blog anyway...)

I am writing this for my friends and family that I sadly left in Washington when I sadly left for alaska. At this exact moment (june 19 2009) I am nearly four months into being an Alaskan. I'm not sure to be happy or sad, it's to soon to tell. But It's not so bad. If you haven't seen Alaska before, come and see or precious little peice of heaven, that is curently celebrating 50 years of stateship.(yes, i'm copying this information from a brochure sitting next to me). But really, come to VISIT. Not to live, it's a little pricey. Obviously, my life is a little boring at the moment. So..... one more thing, LUV YA SAGIE-BOO, and miss you! Check back for life up dates.