Sorry I haven't bloged in awhile.

This coming june! Mark your calenders! I will be in Washington State!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly seattle and Port Angeles, possible Shelton if anyone is willing to put up with me there... I'm so excited! I'm sure i've told this story about a billion times but oh well: Every Time me and any one in my family go to seattle we go to Ivers. It's a seafood resturant on the waterfront and I don't really like anything they serve (hate fish) except the fries. So we get large fries and sit out on the dock where the tables are set up and start throwing french fries over the side of the dock to feed the seagulls. Sometimes we hold out the fries for the seagulls to fly down and grab, but my cousin is afraid of seagulls, so we can't do that to often! And we usually window shop, and buy lunch at the pike place market, and we ALWAYS walk along the docks a few times!

So, like I said, If any one in Shelton wants to see me you'de have to email me and let me know...!


bored. sick(thnx emilly...). hungry(like always). cold. *sigh*



In the past 3 days I've gotten a grand total of about 6 hours of sleep. I forgot everything I've learned in school over break, and I keep having dreams about london and gucci. Random, i know!

I found out my essay I wrote for my high school english class is apparently the best she has ever read, and decided that she would read it in front of the class, and keep it for future classes as an example... The whole time she was reading it I was bright red because the whole class kept looking back at me...

Can't wait to go to London, or paris, or where ever.

tay x