missing the deviled eggs

I forgot to say we didn't have deviled eggs(which i love) on turkey day. and that I went and saw the new moon movie on the first day, the 20th, (my friend dragged me, I HATE twilight)!

taylor napiontek

hope your thanksgiving was good!

Well, my thanksgiving was wonderful! ish. We had the turkey, and ham, and everything I mentioned before. And we have like 3 billion pounds of left overs! yeah! 3 BILLION! im not even exaggerating..

I died my hair, It snowed about 5 inches (making a grand total of like 8 and a half inches). My dog got a new toy, she lost it in the snow. I went black friday shopping with my mom, and found out I am averaging a 93.8% in school.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.

xoxo, taylor napiontek



tomarrow is thanksgiving (obviously) and My mom is cooking a small little turkey, i have to make a pie, my dad got his nasty fruit pie made already and we have the stuffing, and potatoes and all that jazz. I would prefere chinese or indian (my fav.) takeout, and then watch a terrible movie that has absolutely nothing to do with thanksgiving! Or maybe get the takeout and just empty it all onto a huge plate in the middle of a picnic blanket and eat outside in the snow, in the middle of the night. Both options will do!

I bought new hair dye today. Its dark-medium blonde. I am dying it this weekend!

well, thats all.

• Happy thanksgiving, •



catching up with friends

I talked to my Best friend sage today on skype (for the first time in like 10 months) and now I REALLY want to come down to WA and see every one! I miss u all! and i miss the rain, and i miss the green (right now its white here). And i miss my school, and shelton, and port angeles, and SEATTLE!! Anchorage is ok, but Seattle is SOOO much better! And i have like 1 friend here, and i had about a billion in WA. And now im all sad...

i want to figure out a way where i can stay with someone in WA for like a year, and go to school with my friends, and see everyone.

well thats all.




killer dog....

My dog is a toy murderer! We got Gabi (my dog) a new toy yesterday. Its a stuffed toy that is not stuffed... so its just the skin. which is good because she usually just rips it open to get the fluff and the squeeker. So, anyway, this toy also has 2 squeekers in it(1 in the head and 1 in the tail). So the frist thing she did when we got it was rip open the head and eat the squeeker (well, i actually got it from her before she ate it...).Now she is going after the last squeeker... CRAZY DOG! we still havn't found a toy that can survive the wrath of gabi...
well, thats all!
xoxo, taylor


More snow

MORE SNOW!!! It snowed AGAIN today. im not sure how much, but i know it is more than 4 inches. Its no different (so theres no point in putting up pictures). I fell 5 times already, and im playing christmas songs on my piano already (mainly carol of the bells..). I watched the hannah montana movie yesterday.............

and i think i will stop there...




SNOW!!!!!! yay! finnally! white! Windy! Slippery! Icey! COLD! ok, well, if your confused now, i'll make it simpler! It snowed last night!!!! about 3-4 inches. and it isn't actually that cold! (suprisingly) sorry if all the exclamation points are hurting your head or something, but i'm sooo excited! it is my first-first alaska snow and it was perfect! it started out as a rain/snow mix, then it went to a sort of washington type snow (you know, big, wet, snowflakes and the minute it hit the car or ground it would melt) and then it powdered. Just the perfect amount! Here is a pic: (sorry, its from the webcam, my cameras still broken...) in the first one it is actually snowing. but in the second one you can se-
e how much snow there is. ( its all the way up to the porch, if you can see it) xoxoxo, taylor♥


im back!

Sorry its been awhile since i posted anything. Nothing much has happened, but I did find out that I have a C in algebra (which is my high school class):( And i can't fix it! Well, I guess as long as im passing!?

Now happy news! Ok, first..... hmmmm....well, never mind! no happy news! its all sad news. First, it hasn't snowed yet, So its just been cold and miserable and we have nothing to show for it! Then, (a few days ago) i had my speech tournament (i forgot to post it, srry) and i got a total score of... drum roll.... 16 out of 30!And I HAVE to go to the next tournament which is memorizing a monologue, basically. So if you have any good monologues tell me, please! And to top it all off i just ate the last popsicle! ugh!

**by the way, jamie, sage wants you to follow her blog! adventuresofboo.blogspot.com

xoxox, taylor