I'm not sure what to write about, but I guess ill just start to type... so here we go, My friend kayla just got back from Hawaii, and I still don't know what i'll be for haloween, and i figured out there is only 59 days till Christmas. And I decided that i loved O. Henry. I have always loved his writing, but for some reason, all of the sudden, his sense of irony in his short stories is just so brilliant to me! Today I read the gift of the magi (for the billionth time!), but i really like the green door, or that one about the rich boy who got kidnaped, and then the kidnappers asked for a ransom, but in the end they ended up paying the parents ransom to take thier son back. Im not sure what that one is called though..... wow, thats gonna bother me all week !

So, my "just type theory" worked out very well!

♥'s taylor ☺


Great book

I was looking for Charlotte Bronte's book Jane Eyre at my schools library, but apparently its a very popular book... So i settled for Emily Bronte's book Wuthering Heights, which turned out to be a good thing! I suggest you read it. I have only had it for about 8 hours, but i have it half finished, its hard to put down!

oh, by the way.... ITS SUPPOSE TO SNOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

it will be my first-first alaska snow, because I came here in the middle of February, so it had already started snowing, and stopped!

Well, thats all I wanted to say.

♥'s , taylor!


nothing new, like always

hello everyone! I have been sort of getting ready for halloween, i'm not going trick-or-treating though. I'm just passing out candy at my friends house, but we still have to dress up and everything, and thats the part i haven't figured out yet....

So, if you have any cool costume ideas or anything that would help, please tell me!
you can just comment them, or email them to me at tnapiontek@gmail.com.

My Aunt offered to give me her wand, wings and halo, but i want to be different, and an angel isn't to original!

's ~ taylor

* thank you for the ideas! i love LOVE love them! they're all great! I guess i'll just have to be a mixture of all of them, you know... A person with a beehive hair do, ray bans, spiky lady gaga dress and a pair of boxer shorts showing! i love it!


my house... The REAL one!

<------- my puppy (Gabi)..... ♥

This is for you, sage!
Our house isn't anything special, but here are some pics.. and i thought they should include me, consider me the tour guide. Ok, well, first you see the filthy kitchen (filthy because i attempted to make a cake for my mom's birthday {happy birthday mommy}!), And athen you see the living room (filthy! which is strange because i'm usually so OCD its scary!) and finnaly the 2nd bathroom behind me. and yes, in the living room photo dad is playing on the wii... (these are all Webcam photos, so thats why they are all from one basic location and also why you can't see upstairs. But upstairs is just 2 bedrooms, and the big bathroom.


My house

Ok, not my house, but it is exactly the kind of house i want to live in. It is in new york city(Greenwich village){where i want to live} and it is a brownstone, and it has brick walls, and its just AMAZIN'!!!!!!! It is 3500 dollars a month, but thats nothing for a famous actress...



Yesterday I was home sick from school, and today it was a miracle I made it through school! I don't think i have swine flu (because i am not barfing) but i have been coughing, and sneezing and i have NO energy, but, with the help of "cold-ezz" I should be better soon! So, here I am, writing this blog, getting my nasty sick germs all over the keyboard, and (if it was possible) spreading it to you via computer.

*cough, cough*

's, taylor


where the wild things are

I watched where the wild things are today... the CUTEST movie ever!!!!!!!!! I loved LOVED LOVED it, it was not really a kids movie though, there was a little cusing, but thats not really a big deal! when i got home i went on to WB website and looked at some merchandise, and i found a really cute shirt im buying, and maybe a sweatshirt. And Ugg has limited addition boots that i REALLY like, and hopefully might get. And at Urban outfitters there is all kinds of merchandise, but there is no urban outfitters here. :( Anyway, i highly, highly, recommend that you go and watch it!

♥'s taylor


test week...

Today was the end of quarter 1, so we had "finals"... We had about 5 tests... in Science!!! about 10 more in each class, and i have 6 1/2 classes. (the half class is my forum). But today (friday) my russian class made Blini, which is a russian crape.. or pancake? i'm not sure, but either way it was REALLY good! Not much else is new, nothing is ever new! I am really sad.. there is no Urban outfitters here.. :(

I found about a bizilion new great singers! some of which are Cat Power, and Kate nash... and many more!

I am in speech and debate, so i have to write an Expositiry speech about something, and i picked the health care reform... I really don't know much about it, so i thought maybe i should learn. I will post a copy of it on my blog and then you should comment on it, i don't mind critisim!

The speech tournament is on Nov. 4th, so it will be posted between now and then.

thats all, ♥'s taylor


great week

First I found an AMAZING new singer, Micheal Franti & Spearhead. I LOVEVEEVVEV the song "say hey(I love you)". And I made an amazing clay person for russian class, which is cool, because i usually suck at art stuff. And I started watching an amazing tv show, gossip girl. And, at this very moment, I am sitting at my computer, eating an m&m cookie, pringles and parmesian(?) cheese-nips. Great day! even though i did have science today :(.... I am entered in a contest (a writing one) via my English teacher, the prize is 200 dollars and the national prize is 10000 dollars and a trip to WA DC... cross your fingers!!

♥'s, taylor


nothing new :(

Nothing is new but its been awhile since I blogged... I decided i reaaalllllly want a horse, and i painted my nails (purple and blue) and netflix is messed up so i can't watch the next season of the office.... :( I got a letter from the people to people student ambassador program (I get one every year) and I think I might go, but i need MAJOR funding. It cost around seven thousand dollars, and it goes to England, then Wales, then Scotland and then to Ireland over like 13 days. We would take tours of places and learn boring things im sure but it might look good on my High school transcript! I decided that i will be one of the 400 people a year to get early admission to the tisch school of the arts, and I am IN LOVE ♥ with english bulldogs and great danes, i think i might have both someday, which could you see me with? wow, i just realized i wrote all of that in only 4 sentences, my english teacher would be so proud!..
thanx for reading!
's, taylor