For some reason i'm very interested in Venice lately... So, sage, on our post graduation trip, we should visit venice. Actually, we should go all over europe..! But I guess new york will be enough for a little while! Im reading around the world in 80 days, by jules verne. Which is making my obbsesion with traveling even worse! But, i am starting to save for traveling now, so that I can start as soon as I graduate High school! Not sure where to go first... greece, england, italy, france, russia, or australia or africa or turkey or just staying in the states(new york city)... i would appreciate your opinions on this, please!


Early christmas...

My family and me used my dads bonus check from work to buy our family christmas present. We had a few agruements over it, but in the end decided to get guitar hero 5. We were contemplating getting rock band, but Walmart and target only had it for ps2. Which we have, but I HATE! my dad is the only one who EVER plays it anyway.... So, anyway, we have playing all day and guess what......... ONLY 6 DAYS AND LIKE 7 HOURS till christmas!!

I am so excited for xmas. (obviously...) . mainly because I have been getting packages and stuff people ordered online for me for christmas, but im not allowed to open them until the xmas morning.

We also got our tree, just a few hours ago in fact. I named it javier. But as it turns out Javier is from oregon. Not mexico.... i may have to re-name him. Hes short-ish and really fat! hes really dark green and we are decorating him in seahawks colors, and we bought some seahawks ornaments and tinzel stuff, and candy canes. All with the seahawks colors and mascot! So if you have any good names for my tree, who was formly known as Javier, please tell me!

i'll add pics of the tree when we finish decorating.

love, taylor napiontek


All day i've been listening to owl city. My FAVORITE song by him (adam young) is Hello, seattle. Its all about seattle, you should definitly listen to it! it makes me miss seattle EVEN MORE! Even though I only lived in federal way, and we only lived there for a little while. But, close enough to seattle! here is a link that should take you to the song....


xoxoxo, taylor napiontek

the song is also on my playlist ---------> just scroll down the list



I found my piano! if you didn't already know, I have played piano since i was 4 0r 5 ( so, 9 or 10 years) and I only have a little keyboard!( and beethoven is REALLY hard to play with 36 keys...) Anyway, this is the piano I want:
its a steinway & son, a baby grand (obviously). I love Love LOVE it! Eventhough it is probably 20,000 dollars or more, i still want to get it!
( maybe next time i will put a video of me playing fur elise, or clair de lune!)