I thought when I left washington I also left the rain. But apparently not! In seward (a city just west of where i live) there is CRAZY flooding. It has been raining for like 2 weeks now. All over the news is stuff about railroads closed because of mud slides, and flood warnings, and more rainy weather in our future. But it's kind of weird because when my dad came up to alaska just before we moved to look for a house and stuff ( in the winter) he brought down the snow to washington. and now that we are up here, we brought the washington rain!



I really want to go to NYU for college (the tisch school of the arts) so i was doing some research, and the average gpa of freshmans is 3.68. which is suprising! and only about 5% of all applicants make it to the tisch school of arts... which is not good odds at all, but I think I can do it.

I love just being able to write whatever, even if some of you don't care about what i'm writing (like college, and harry potter[which was pretty terrible]),

so if you do read it, thanks.
( the picture is of the tisch school of the arts.)


Harry potter

It's been a tradition since the harry potter movie started that we always go see them. This one just happened to come out on my birthday! so we went and saw, and it wasn't so good..... I would have had more fun and enjoyed myself more if i watched the ice age one.... but tradition is tradition! And I was looking up the next harry potter movie[s] and found out that the actors, the main ones, made 10 million dollars from all of the movies each! and they are like 15 or 16 years old, what a good life!


happy late birthday to me!!!!!!!

The 15th was my 13th birthday, and i just thought I would tell everyone... i guess. sooooooooooooo..............................
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


I have NOTHING to blog about. I have NOTHING to blog about. I have NOTHING to blog about. I have Nothing to blog about......

I got like 160 dollars for my birthday and I wanted to ask people what I should do with it...


choice A) Clothes
Choice B) new camera... to finnaly post pictures
choice C) save.......
choice D) Movies, I ♥ movies!!!!! so i could add to my collection!

comment PRETTTY - PRETTTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



an oxymoron

When you think summer, you think warm. But, when you think summer in Alaska, you think... not warm. But suprisingly it is warm, really warm. Like 80 degrees plus! That's the oxymoron I was talking about, 'warm in Alaska'! It's Crazy...



Dream car...

I saw a BEAUTIFUL car at some car place and I have to show you all a picture... tell me what you think ( if i'm going crazy or if it really is perfect)! It's a '74 Fiat Spider, I saw it in a burnt orangey color, but this color is good to!
the blue one and red one next to it are both my dream car... and whats crazy is that at the car place, it was $6,500, which i think is a great price for a dream car!
comment pleeze!!!!!