24 hour daylight!

DON'T EVER EXCPECT TO SLEEP IN ALASKA IN JUNE!!!! In june ( starting around the 21st) there is 21-24 hours of SUNLIGHT! that means 3-0 hours of night, that means 3-0 hours of sleep... It's crazy!!!!!!! Yesterday I took my dog ,Gabi, outside and it was so bright I thought it was like 5 or 6... but it was actually 1 in the morning! I don't think i can take it much longer! I might just have to move back down to Washington... (I wish)

~taylor napiontek
I thought i'd add a cute picture of a moose... that's one of the good things about Alaska!


A tribute to the lives of Farrah and Micheal

Today Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died, but you probably knew that, about micheal anyway. Millions of Michael jackson fans where sitting out side of the UCLA hostpital where Michael Jackson was taken when he called for help and was found not breathing. when he died, times square lit up with pictures of michael jackson, and the anouncment that he had died. He was due to start his 50 concert tour in London on July 13, it was to be his final tour. The 'King of pop' died at the age of 50.

Farrah Fawcett died of cancer which she had been battling for a few years, and was showing signs of improvment, but didn't pull through. The ex-charlies angel died at the age of 62 years old.


My dog...

This Is My Dog Gabi. But her full name is Princess Gabriella Niccole Jean Napiontek. She's blue heeler/husky mix, we think anyway! We got her from the pound and the papers on her cage where wrong, so really we don't know what she is, or who she is! Currently she is shedding LIKE CRAZY!!!!! I guess it's because her fur got so thick in the winter, which is what the picture on the right is. I'm looking forward to winter, i'm so tired of dog hair all over the place!


Alaskan people...

sage, this is for you....

The people here are not different from People in shelton, except a little more 'hill-billy' type. Really into camping rather than shopping. Big hunters and fishers. The people aren't much to talk about. The Native Americans (or 'eskimos') do alot of really cool stuff, like NYO (native youth olympics). They are games that youth do that where made to train for hunting and fishing.
People here really don't make a big deal about snow, and normally there isn't any snow day's from school. Maybe it's because people are adapted to the snow and now how to re-act, and act, around the snow.

I guess if you really want to know about the people, then you should come up and see them for yourself. You'll see, they are the same.

(and no, sage, people don't say 'eh'. I'm past Canada. Not in it!)




The mosquito's here are CRAZY! They're the size of those mosquito-eater things, you know, the ones that eat mosquito's, that are suppose to be way bigger than mosquitos. In the first blog I wrote " Come to Alaska to visit". Well, I take it back! At least in the summer, or bring at least 20 gallons of mosquito repellent, for each day! Everything else is great about Alaska in the summer. The nature, for instance, and the great fishing and camping spots (if you like that kind of stuff.). There is moose, and baby moose, for those of you who like to observe nature at it's best! And BEAUTIFUL plants and trees, perfect for photography, if you like that kind of stuff. So as you can see there is something for everyone here in the last frontier! Except the mosquitos!

Count your blessing if you don't live in Alaska at the moment,

i'll have pictures up soon...


begining of my life (in blog anyway...)

I am writing this for my friends and family that I sadly left in Washington when I sadly left for alaska. At this exact moment (june 19 2009) I am nearly four months into being an Alaskan. I'm not sure to be happy or sad, it's to soon to tell. But It's not so bad. If you haven't seen Alaska before, come and see or precious little peice of heaven, that is curently celebrating 50 years of stateship.(yes, i'm copying this information from a brochure sitting next to me). But really, come to VISIT. Not to live, it's a little pricey. Obviously, my life is a little boring at the moment. So..... one more thing, LUV YA SAGIE-BOO, and miss you! Check back for life up dates.