I found another site, but this one is better! It's called zooloo. you can make a page, add photos, write a blog, customize it. It's really cool!

mine is www.taylornapiontek.zooloo.com


I found this really cool website..

I found a website where you have this daisy and you play certain games to be able to water it and give it sun and stuff. It's a site for marc Jacobs new perfume line called "DAISY by marc jacobs". You can unlock screen savers and samples and stuff by growing your daisy a certain precentage! It's fun, you should all check it out! ( i'll add it to my links list at the bottom of my page!



My puppy...

Ok... so it's no my puppy, but it will be someday! She is a Bichon poo ( Bichon Frise {spelt wrong} and poodle hybrid). She is a few months old! And she is ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
tell me your not "awww"-ing right now....